Patent applications for new WLAN protocols

How to improve the robustness of WLAN communications? Researchers at Klagenfurt’s mobile systems group lead by Christian Bettstetter aim at answering this question. “I expect performance gains using the concept of cooperation between devices,” the 38-year old professor says. If data transmission between a notebook and a WLAN station fails, another notebook or any mobile device will be of assistance.

“Sounds simple but in fact is quite an engineering challenge,” senior researcher Wilfried Elmenreich points out. It took the project team several months to develop a communication protocol that realizes the concept of cooperation. “The backwards compatibility to existing IEEE 802.11 WLAN systems is an important feature,” PhD candidate Helmut Adam adds.

The ideas of the three scientists were filed as patent applications at the European and US patent offices. The manuscripts have recently been published and are available for download using identifiers EP 2326029 and EP 232630.

The research team is now busy implementing the communication protocol on a programmable hardware platform to field-test and evaluate the inventions. Students who would like to join the research project are very welcome.