Project kickoff: Decision making in networks with errors

The Lakeside Labs project SOSIE takes an interdisciplinary perspective on decision making in networks suffering from information errors. Human organizations and technical communication systems are compared to identify similarities and differences during decision making processes. Successful techniques may then be transferred from one discipline to the other.

Project team: Grippa, Behrens, Bettstetter, Wall

Project team: Grippa, Behrens, Bettstetter, Wall

Friederike Wall, who initiated the project together with Christian Bettstetter, is excited about the topic: “The two disciplines have so much in common, I’m sure our partnership will be mutually beneficial.”

Doris Behrens and Pasquale Grippa joined the team as senior researcher and PhD researcher, respectively. Funding is obtained via Lakeside Labs from ERFE, KWF, and the state of Austria.