Successful completion of cDrones project

Flying competition

The Lakeside Labs project cDrones started in 2008 as an effort of four Klagenfurt professors to work on system-level aspects of small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles for application in disaster management.

Using off-the-shelf, low-altitude multicopters equipped with high-quality cameras and GPS, the project team developed a software that enables an autonomous system for aerial reconnaissance. The overall system has been tested in the field with fire fighters and other application partners. A start-up company to commercialize results was founded.

Flying competition

Flying competition

Experimental research with flying outdoor drones has produced scientific results in three areas:

Measurement results on wireless air-to-ground links and their performance in terms of throughput and packet loss rate will be presented at IEEE INFOCOM 2013.

Research activities will continue in 2013 with focus on coordination of multiple drones, wireless multimedia communications, and requirement analysis and real-world test with application partners. Funding in the order of 700 T€ is expected for a follow-up project.