Doctoral Graduates

The following team members of Bettstetter received a doctoral degree from the University of Klagenfurt (Dr. techn. or Ph.D.) under his supervision:

Dr. Helmut Adam (2011)
Cooperative diversity in wireless networks: Relay selection and medium access
Joined as Dipl.-Ing. in Telematics from TU Graz
Is now Senior Software Engineer at SSI Schaefer

Dr. Torsten Andre (2015)
Autonomous exploration by robot teams: Coordination, communication, and collaboration
Joined as Dipl.-Ing. in Computer Engineering, RWTH Aachen
Is now Design Engineer at Infineon Technologies

Dr. Dr. Günther Brandner (2015)
Experimental evaluation of firefly synchronization and cooperative relaying in wireless networks
Joined as Dipl.-Ing. in Informatics and Dipl.-Ing. in Technical Mathematics both from U Klagenfurt
Is now at KELAG

Dr. Sérgio Crisóstomo (2012)
Information dissemination in random networks
Is now Assistant Professor at Universidade do Porto

Dr. Alexander Gogolev (2014)
Randomized binary majority consensus: Efficiency and robustness
Joined as MSc in Computer Science, Petrozavodsk State University
Is now Project Engineer at TTTech Computertechnik AG

Dr. Johannes Klinglmayr (2013)
Self-organizing network synchronization: Convergence and robustness in pulse-coupled oscillator systems
Joined as Dipl.-Ing. in Technical Maths from TU Wien and MA in Applied Maths from U Michigan
Is now Senior Researcher at Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH

Dr. Nikolaj Marchenko (2013)
Resource-efficient relay selection in cooperative wireless networks
Joined as Dipl.-Ing. in Computer Engineering from RWTH Aachen
Is now Research Engineer at Robert Bosch GmbH

Dr. Wasif Masood (2017)
Evaluation of time synchronization in real deployments of wireless sensor networks
Joined as Dipl.-Ing. in Software Systems Engineering from RWTH Aachen
Is now Data Scientist at T-Mobile Austria

Dr. Raheeb Muzaffar (2016)
Routing and video streaming in drone networks
Joined as MS in Information Technology from NUST Pakistan
Is now Researcher at Lakeside Labs GmbH

Dr. Udo Schilcher (2011)
Inhomogeneous node distributions and interference in wireless networks
Joined as Dipl.-Ing. in Informatics and Dipl.-Ing. in Technical Mathematics both from U Klagenfurt
Is now Senior Researcher at U Klagenfurt and Lakeside Labs GmbH

Dr. Alexander Tyrrell (2009)
Firefly synchronization in wireless networks
Joined as MEE in Telecommunications and Signal Processing from ESIEE Paris and Master of Research in Digital Communication Systems from UPMC Paris 6 and ENST Paris
Is now Developer at Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Senior Researchers and PostDocs

Dr. Alessandro Crismani (2013)
Joined as PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Trieste
Is now Test and Measurement Engineer at u-blox AG

Prof. Wilfried Elmenreich (2007 – 2013)
Joined as Dr. techn. from TU Wien
Is now Professor for Smart Grids at University of Klagenfurt

Dr. Vladimir Vukadinovic (2014 – 2015)
Joined as Dr. in Telecommunication from KTH Stockholm
Is now with Nokia

Master-Level Graduates

I advised or co-advised several of master-level students in their final thesis or project work at TU München and U Klagenfurt. Many of these students have made a great career, contributed to the advancement of technology, and created jobs. Here are some examples (drop me a note if you want to be added):

Bastian Friedrich and Christian Wagner (2002)
Are the Founders and Directors of the company In-Tech with over 900 employees in seven countries

Nizar Hneini (2000)
Is now Managing Partner at Detecon International GmbH based in Dubai

Stefan König (2002)
Is now Patent Attorney at TBK Munich