My lectures and seminars are offered in the programs information and communications engineering (ICE) and robotics and artificial intelligence (R&AI) at the University of Klagenfurt: a bachelor lecture on electricity and magnetism and graduate courses in mobile communications and wireless networks.

What does good teaching mean to me personally? When my students are enthusiastic about the subject, when they become explorers. When we go into depth without losing sight of the big picture. When we work out the really important principles and methods that contribute to a profound understanding.


Electricity and Magnetism

From Coulomb to Maxwell: electrostatics, electric current and DC circuits, magnetism; electromagnetic induction, and electromagnetic waves.

Lectures are supplemented by in-class experiments. The textbook “Physics for Scientists and Engineers” and video lectures are recommended.


Mobile Communications

Antennas; radio propagation; diversity; channel coding and modulation; multiple access and cellular concept; MAC protocols; wireless LAN 802.11.


Wireless Networks

Network architecture and mobility protocols; LTE networks; security in mobile networks; ad hoc networks; economic, health, and social aspects.