Awards and Honors

Lifetime achievement awards

  • Würdigungspreis in Science and Engineering, Federal state of Carinthia, Austria; 2018
    A prize awarded every four years in recognition of outstanding scientific achievements

Publication awards

Teaching awards

  • Prize for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Klagenfurt; 2022

Innovation and project awards

Team members and students

Lifetime achievements and competitions

Awards for doctoral, master, and bachelor theses

  • Judith Wieser: Digitalization scholarship for her bachelor thesis; Federal state of Carinthia; 2023
  • Melisa Midžan: Digitalization scholarship for her master thesis; Federal state of Carinthia; 2023
  • Agata Barciś: Digitalization scholarship for her doctoral dissertation; Federal state of Carinthia; 2022
  • Micha Sende: Digitalization scholarship for his doctoral dissertation; Federal state of Carinthia; 2021
  • Christina Ruß: Graduation award (“Würdigungspreis”); Austrian Minister for Science, Research, and Economy; 2014
  • Johannes Klinglmayr: Erwin Wenzl “Anerkennungspreis” (runner-up) for his doctoral dissertation; 2014
  • Helmut Adam: Doctoral dissertation award; Austrian OVE/GIT; 2012

Excellence scholarships

The “Exzellenzstipendium” awarded by the Austrian industry societies (Industriellenvereinigung) finances outstanding scientific activities at a university or research center abroad with a lump sum in the amount of € 10,000. The selection process is highly competitive. The scholarship is restricted to Austrian nationalities with a bachelor degree or higher. The following members or students under my supervision received such a scholarship:

  • Daniel Neuhold for a research stay at the University of Southern California (USC), 2017 (article)
  • Christina Ruß for her master thesis work at the University of Notre Dame, 2013 (resulting in an article in the IEEE Trans. Communications)
  • Johannes Klinglmayr for multiple research stays at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, 2011