Past and Present Reseach Topics

Algorithms & Protocols in Networks

  • Cooperative ARQ in wireless relay networks
  • Distributed clustering
  • Error control coding
  • Medium access control
  • Mobility management and handover
  • Node cardinality estimation
  • Quality-of-service support in multihop networks
  • Relay selection in wireless relay networks
  • Service discovery
  • Time synchronization

Theory of All-Wireless Networks

  • Connectivity theory of ad hoc networks
  • Interference dynamics in wireless networks
  • Applying methods from random graph theory and stochastic geometry

Self-Organization in Networks

  • Design of self-organizing networked systems
  • Self-organizing time synchronization
  • Self-organizing consensus

Modeling and Simulation

  • Mobility modeling
  • Modeling of node locations
  • Pitfalls in simulations of mobile networks


  • Communications in automotive environments
  • Disaster management communications
  • Industrial sensor networks
  • Networks of flying robots