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Self-organizing synchronization: Convergence, paper, scholarship

The synchronous flashing of fireflies is a spectacular example for self-organization in nature. Thousands of fireflies gather in trees and flash in unison using a distributed mechanism that can be understood using the theory of coupled oscillators. This theory has successfully been used for modeling many other synchronization and coordination phenomena, such as sleep cycles, firing of neurons, and vibration of bridges.

Best student paper award from IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

The publication “Multi-Hop-Aware Cooperative Relaying” by Helmut Adam, Christian Bettstetter, and Sidi Mohammed Senouci received the Best Student Paper Award at the 69th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC). Helmut Adam is working towards his dissertation in the area of cooperative relaying, a new wireless communication technique promising significant gains in throughput and energy-efficiency. The awarded paper proposes a concept to exploit routing information in the relay selection protocol. The work is an outcome of a bilateral project between the University of Klagenfurt and France Telecom’s Orange Labs. VTC is the semiannual conference of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. VTC Spring 2009 took place in Barcelona from 26 to 29 April 2009, featuring 656 research papers, several panels and invited talks.

Bettstetter becomes IEEE Senior Member

Christian Bettstetter has been elevated to the grade of Senior Member in the IEEE, one of the world’s largest professional associations for the advancement of technology. About 12% of all 382,000 members hold this grade, which requires significant professional maturity and achievements. Christian joined the IEEE in 1998 and is currently serving as program committee member of several major IEEE conferences, such as IEEE ICC and IEEE GLOBECOM.

Alexander Tyrrell

Best paper award for work on synchronization

Alexander Tyrrell, Gunther Auer, and Christian Bettstetter received an award for the best paper with a doctorate student as main author. The award was issued at the Intern. Symp. on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Commun. Techn. in Denmark. The awarded paper “On the accuracy of firefly synchronization with delays” investigates distributed synchronization applied to a wireless mesh network.

Best paper award from IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

Udo Schilcher, Michael Gyarmati, and Christian Bettstetter received the best paper award at the 67th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference. The awarded publication “Measuring Inhomogeneity in Spatial Distributions” was written together with Yun W. Chung and Young H. Kim from Seoul, Korea, within a common project on modeling and simulation of wireless systems. The scientists address the question as to how inhomogeneity in spatial user distributions can be defined. The proposed mathematical model was also compared with human intuition of inhomogeneity, using a Web survey. Out of 1.536 submissions, 379 papers were accepted to be presented in Singapore from May 11-14, 2008. Further 234 poster presentations took place. A second best paper award was given to researchers from MIT and Kyung Hee University. It was the first conference presentation for Schilcher — a great start. “I didn’t expect at all that we receive this award,” project leader and advisor Bettstetter says. Gyarmati is already writing on a new paper that studies how inhomogeneity will change over time in case of random user mobility.