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Award for excellence in teaching

The University of Klagenfurt has honored exceptional commitment and quality in teaching with its “Lehrepreis.” The award recipients are Nilüfer Aydin, Christian Bettstetter, Andreas Bollin, and Sabrina Gärtner.

Text by Christian Bettstetter. Photos by Walter Elsner.

The students at the University of Klagenfurt took a survey to rate the teaching style of lectures and courses they attended and to make nominations for the Teaching Award 2022. The best-rated teaching staff members worked out a teaching concept, which was evaluated and ranked by an interdisciplinary jury, who finally selected four lecturers to receive the award: Nilüfer Aydin (psychology), Christian Bettstetter (information and communications engineering), Andreas Bollin (informatics), and Sabrina Gärtner (linguistics and literature). These winners and all nominated staff were honored in an evening ceremony this week.

The Vice Rector for Education, Doris Hattenberger, stated: “Many lecturers achieve above-average, some achieve outstanding results in teaching. They pursue a clear and transparently communicated concept, encourage and demand discussions, but above all: they are enthusiastic about their subject and are able to inspire. We are happy to honor these special achievements with a teaching award.”

I am delighted to be one of the award recipients and would like to thank my students, my team and the jury. This award really means a lot to me. Congratulations also to the other award winners! I am glad to be part of a university where the quality of teaching is valued over quantity and where professors enjoy their lectures and courses.

“What does good teaching mean to you personally?” I was asked. The answer is not trivial, but spontaneously I would say: When my students are enthusiastic about the subject, when they become discoverers. When we go into depth in terms of content without losing sight of the big picture. When we work out the really important principles and methods that contribute to a profound understanding.

The students and the jury seemed to specifically like my didactic concept for handouts. “The approach of the incomplete set of slides and the use of other material are particularly interesting,” one jury member wrote. And one student appreciates my “calmness and composure.” 😉


Teaching Award 2022 for Christian Bettstetter