Selected Publications by Topic

Interference Dynamics in Wireless Networks

Contributions to wireless systems, communication theory, stochastic geometry, signals.

Self-Organization and Synchronization

Contributions to distributed systems, multiagent systems, control, dynamic systems, applied maths, signal processing.

Drones: Communications and Path Planning

Contributions to robotics, wireless systems, multiagent systems, autonomous systems, AI, multimedia.

Cooperative Relaying and Medium Access in Wireless Networks

Contributions to communication protocols, wireless networks, mobile computing, sensor networks.

Connectivity in Ad Hoc Networks

Contributions to wireless networks, network theory, random graphs, modeling.

Mobility Modeling and Node Distributions

Contributions to modeling and simulation, wireless networks, stochastic processes.

Adaptive Clustering in Ad Hoc Networks

Contributions to distributed algorithms, wireless networks.

Cellular Networks and Mobile Internet

Survey contributions to mobile networks, Internet.

Channel Coding

Contributions to communication theory, coding theory.