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Summer school on networked embedded systems

The first summer school of our Erasmus-Mundus European doctoral program was held in Klagenfurt and covered selected topics in the domain of networked embedded systems.

Written by Christian Bettstetter. Photos by Wolfgang Schriebl.

Computers processors have been leaving offices and become more and more embedded into everyday objects. Enhanced with sensors and networked via wireless connections, these computerized objects allow new fields of application, such as smart homes and remote health monitoring.

Students of the Erasmus-Mundus European doctoral program in “Interactive and cognitive environments (ICE)” are being trained to become scientists in this emerging domain. The ICE Summer School on Networked Embedded Systems featured research-oriented lectures on selected topics. It took place in Klagenfurt from September 3-7 and was open to the public.

Speakers included, among others, Ian F. Akyildiz (Georgia Tech) on nano networks, Andrea Cavallaro (QMUL) on camera networks, Carlo Regazzoni (Genova) on data fusion, and Kay Römer (Lübeck) on sensor networks. A dinner talk was given by Infineon Austria CTO Reinhard Petschacher. The social event included a hiking tour. The event was technically co-sponsored by the IEEE.

Students at the ICE summer school

Students at the ICE summer school