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Research days: Multi-UAV systems

Autonomously flying robots — also called small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — are more and more exploited in civil and commercial applications for monitoring, surveillance, and disaster response. For some applications, it is beneficial if a team of coordinated UAVs rather than a single UAV is employed. Multiple UAVs can cover a given area faster or take photos from different perspectives at the same time. This emerging technology is still at an early stage and, consequently, profound research and development efforts are needed.

Der Standard: Let’s do it like the ants

Engineers are trying to exploit the behavior of insect swarms for the design of socio-technical systems. Experts from ten countries and various disciplines are currently discussing this field of research during the Research Days hosted by Lakeside Labs in Klagenfurt. Concepts from self-organization should be applied, for example, to future mobile communication networks and energy grids. Peter Illetschko reports. Read online or download: Photo:

Lakeside Research Days 2009

A full week of discussions, talks, and group work on self-organizing networked systems is the concept of Research Days, organized for the second year by Lakeside Labs. Speakers included the experts Alain Barrat, Francis Heylighen, Hermann de Meer, Raissa D’Souza, and Marc Timme, along with other guests, Lakeside Labs professors, and researchers. Major discussion topics included robustness in self-organizing systems, modeling of self-organizing systems, and courses for university education in the area of self-organizing networked systems. Interviews with Francis Heylighen and Raissa D’Souza